To get registered with Black Oaks you will need to fill out these three forms and send a copy of the birth certificate to

Registration Fees- $200 for both new and returning players

Monthly fee- $60



R002-Y – Youth Player Registration Form (Spanish)

 youth player registration form

Parents code of conduct

SPANISH-Code of Conduct

Black Oaks Youth Scholarship Application


Refund Policy- A refund will be issued to a player only if the player requests it prior to the first game of the season. A full refund will be returned, minus the $35 for the practice uniform.

If you have any questions please contact Francisco Vallejo at ‭ (707) 326-4233‬

Why Winning Isn’t a Priority in Youth Soccer

Competition is in our human nature. We always want to be the best in anything that we do. It is no different when it comes to our children’s soccer games, but we have to remember that winning isn’t everything, especially in youth soccer.  Check out this article that illustrates why winning isn’t everything when it comes to Youth Soccer.

Black Oak’s August Soccer Clinic for Ages 5-8!

Hey Black Oaks!

We are providing a FREE Soccer clinic! Open to kids ages 5-8! Kids will learn new skills, make new friends, and gain a better understanding of soccer. DSC_0580Join us August 5th and register for free using the links below!



Event Information: 

Event Timing: August 5th, 2017. 10AM- 1PM
Event Address: Jacob’s Park, 1850 West 9th Street Santa Rosa, CA 95401.
Contact us at (707) 326-4233 or


Dedication and Motivation help make great soccer players!

Solutions Soccer Coaching

As coaches our job is to lead our players and teams. We are the ones responsible for getting the most out of those entrusted to us. To get the most out of our athletes we must get to know what inspires them, what motivates them and even what an effective method of chastising a player is. No two players are alike and each player will have different hot buttons that we should be aware of. We also need to be aware of what type of feedback we give a player at any given moment. During a rough stretch of play for an athlete do they need built up with some positive feedback or is it a better time to get on the player to let them know that what is being done is not acceptable? Each situation is different and requires a unique and specific response. As Mike Krzyzewski said…

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3 reasons why playing one position can prevent a player’s development

AYSES Soccer Blog

It is very common that parents and coaches insist on kids playing one specific position in youth soccer. The reasons could be that the player has certain abilities that enable them to thrive in one position, the action optimizes the chances of the team winning, or position is one that a player prefers to play. In the early stages of development (12 years and younger), a player playing in one position can in the long term limit their development and opportunities. There are several reasons for this, including and not limited to:

  • Lack of deep understanding of the game in general.
  • Problems adjusting to other teams later in their playing career.
  • Limitation of opportunity when trying out for teams with multiple positions available.

Whether a player plays forward, midfield, defense, or even goalkeeper, learning to play multiple positions at an early age will help them improve in any position that…

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“F” Licensed Coaches

Hey Black Oaks!

We want to take the time and congratulate all our coaches! Black Oaks has all “F” licensed coaches AND assistant coaches. This has been a work in progress and we are not stopping there! By the fall season all coaches must have the next level license!  We are a player development club and our goal is to continue learning for the players.

Coaches, if you want to start your “E” license now, below is the link!




Hey Black Oaks!

Now that the season has started, remember to always be kind, courteous and respectful of all teams, parents and other members while on the field! Here’s our Code of Conduct for a little refresher!


  • Play the game for the game’s sake.
  • Be generous when you win.
  • Be gracious when you lose.
  • Obey the rules of the game.
  • Accept the decisions of the officials.
  • Work for the good of the team.
  • Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.
  • Applaud the efforts of your teammates AND your opponents.


  • Children have more need for the good example than criticism.
  • Make athletic participation for your child, and others, a positive learning experience.
  • Attempt to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.
  • Be courteous to the officials and coaches. The coaches are giving their time, energy, and money.
  • Applaud good play of players on either team.
  • Do not question the judgment or honesty of any official.
  • Accept the results of each game and teach your child to learn good sportsmanship.

Good sportsmanship is expected from all persons. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and other spectators. Coaching must be done in a positive manner. Let the referees officiate the game. Any dissent will be dealt with strongly by a caution or immediate ejection from the game.

NO foul or abusive language will be allowed. Breaking this rule will result in a player being ejected from the game without warning. PLEASE NOTE this applies to coaches as well. A player “red carded” is automatically suspended from his/her next game. In addition, the Club President may extend the suspension. Violent conduct will normally result in suspension for the remainder of the season


Have a Great Season!

Spring Season is Here!

Hey Black Oaks,

Spring Season is just around the corner! Games start the first weekend of April! Below is attached the scheduled games as a PDF! Remember games might change last minute and this is not a set schedule! You can also look at the schedule under the Parent’s Corner Tab

Black Oaks

Have a great 2017 Season!

Spring Registration Refunds

Hey Black Oaks,

There have been some questions regarding refunds for spring season, because teams have already been registered and field permits have already been paid. There can be no refunds for teams. If more than half of your team is leaving, we cannot provide a refund for you.

Thank you! Have a wonderful season!