Board of Directors

President: Francisco Vallejo  
Francisco Vallejo has been with Black Oaks since 2008. He first joined as an Assistant Coach for his son’s soccer team before Black Oaks became a club. His passion for soccer helped advance Black Oaks into its own club and with help of previous Board Members and Current Members helped establish as a non-profit organization. His dream for the club is to help these kids become well rounded individuals and achieve greatness in their lifetime.  Email: or

Vice President: Gustavo Valencia

Gustavo Valencia joined Black Oaks when his son played for one of Francisco’s teams. He later joined him as an Assistant Coach and after a few years decided to become a Head Coach for his own team.


Treasurer : Maria Valencia

Maria Valencia first joined Black Oaks as a Team Manager while both her sons played for two of the Black Oak teams. She later became one of the best. Her skills from her job and as a Team Manager makes her the person all the coaches come to with questions and concerns.


Registrar & Game Scheduler: Hilda Gomez

Hilda Gomez is one of our best Team Managers. She has gone above and beyond the normal duties of a Team Manager. She teaches new Team Managers and answers any questions they have. She also is our main game scheduler, which is not an easy task to do as well as another registrar.